Frequently Asked Questions

Manila Valley is an accelerator program in Silicon Valley looking for top Filipino tech startups in the Philippines.

Firstly, we are looking for innovative, forward thinking and execution-oriented entrepreneurs behind the startups. Secondly, the startup technology, solution or service needs to have global appeal that can be scaled to any country anywhere in the world. Finally, we are looking for startups that are unique in their industry and have some form of traction, whether it is client or end user adoption.

First step is to Apply Online at We will review all the applicants and notify you for an in-person, or via Skype interview. The more information you provide, the better we are able to assess your application so please add any supporting documents such as videos or statistics about traction, etc.

Any startup can apply, as long as you have a great idea that can scale globally. However, we typically look for startups in the technology industry who are at the early stage and need assistance/guidance to accelerate their business.

No. Just apply the best you can and provide as much supporting information as possible.


Contact our team to learn more about the different industries Manila Valley focuses on, email [email protected]. There is a wide range of industries we look at in mobile, commerce, Internet of Things, healthcare, education, big data, outsourcing, remittances, enterprise, wearable tech and much more.

You’ve started a business, have minimum of 2 founders, raised seed capital or bootstrapped and have some form of traction with clients or end user adoption.

Your startup needs to have some form of traction with your clients/customers. Either a few clients are using or paying for your service or end users are using or paying for your product.

For most startups, there is a lot of competition out there. We are looking for startups that have something unique, whether it’s their technology they’ve built, an experienced team or they have established market leadership by being first to market.

Once you’re accepted into the program, Manila Valley will work closely with your team to develop an ‘Acceleration Plan’ and an ‘Exit Plan’, so there are targets in mind, and to support capital fund raising activities.

Stage 1 is validation – we will build a game plan to get product fit or validate your technology with 1-3 vertical industries.

Stage 2 is owning a vertical industry – focus on creating a client hitlist for B2B startups or owning end users with your product for B2C startups.

Stage 3 is execution, execution, execution - within the first month the acceleration plan will be approved.

The idea is to have milestones and targets in place that the whole team can work together towards accelerating their business.

You can see details of the program on our website


Execution, execution, execution. Manila Valley focuses on the entrepreneurs, and is the bridge between the Philippines and the Silicon Valley. The DNA of Manila Valley has been inspired by helping Philippines.